Introducing the

"Froggee Buzzer"!!!


Ol' Nelle Lures has joined with the world renowed

products of JJ's Magic and Kicker Fish Bait Co to

bring you the next best secret in Bass fishing.

We have tested this buzz bait with some of the

top anglers in the world. They all agree the

combination of these three products have

produced a buzz bait that can be fished slow or

fast..... and still catch the "Big One".


The "Froggee Buzzer" uses the 'Xplodin Toad

made by Kicker Fish Bait Co pre-dipped in JJ's

Magic Clear Garlic Dip on an in-line doubled

bladed buzz bait by Ol' Nelle Lures.


To add the "Froggee Buzzer" to your

tacklebox, click here.


Froggee Buzzer Video


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Kicker Fish Bait Company



JJ's Magic

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